London Designers Collective is the result of emerging London fashion brands’ desire to actively take the reins of their small and independent businesses; by focusing on selling direct, building relationships and understanding their customers needs and wants. 

REIN founders Gemma and Rebecca launched London Designers Collective in 2016, as a means to collaborate with like minded brands, maximising a united reach – 10 brands working together has 10 times the customer base, resources and network. Encouraged by the abilities of social media and online presence, the designers have joined forces – Together as a collective they are harnessing their united power! With a goal of innovating retail and customer experience, the London Designers Collective gives a united voice to small, independent brands, hosting monthly pop up events featuring a well curated selection of lifestyle and fashion. As a united force LDC is able to react and move dynamically, to shape the future of experience led retail.